New York

If I had to describe these city in one word, that would be vibrant. It is loaded with traffic, people of all kinds -from formal businessmen to crazy people! Huge skyscrapers and culture on every other block! 


Lisbon is a city like no other. It has a sunnier, colourful vibe that no other European place has. Its people, its air, the colourful houses on the hills and its gastronomy (specially pastries) make you want to be Portuguese!


Imagine going back in time to the medieval times. You are walking through narrow cobbled streets between white houses with blue or yellow edges. Tons of little artisan traditional markets are surrounding you. The mountain town you are in is called Obidos.


The ghostliest fishermen town in the world is defenetly located in western portugal. During my stay in the winter, there was absolutely no one out in the street. Even the small plazas were completely empty. The windy cliffs ended on thick-sanded beaches with the darkest blue waters I have ever seen.